RichBit новий супер електро потужний електричний сніг велосипед 21 швидкість Ebike 48 В 1000Вт електричний огрядний велосипед автошини з 17 Ач літієва батарея

₴52 512.86 ₴47 261.57 Безкоштовна доставка

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  • Складаний: No
  • Максимальна Швидкість: 30-50км/год
  • Ваттность: > 500w
  • Номінальна Пасажиромісткість: Одне Місце
  • Діапазон за потужність: 31 - 60 км
  • мотор: Безщітковий
  • Розмір Колеса : 26“
  • Фірмове Найменування : RICHBIT
  • Напруга: 48V
  • Матеріал Рами: Алюмінієвий Сплав
  • Харчування : Літієва батарея
  • Стиль: Розкішний Тип
  • Номер Моделі: РТ-012
  • Сертифікація: CE


  • Тип Блоку : шматок
  • Вага Упаковки : 33.5kg (73.85lb.)
  • Розмір Упаковки : 152cm x 33cm x 83cm (59.84in x 12.99in x 32.68in)

Оцінка: 4 out of 5 (5 votes)

Cielomharie26 2018-04-12

Looks good. I am assembling it now and will comment later when tested.

Lyradeldat 2018-02-12

it is the second richbit ebike 48 v 1000 w buy that the same model and color. i am very happy and also has this is better because of the other 21 speeds and lcd this time arrived from china but not only from england and arrived in 7 days also we can find more expensive but at the same model 500 euro amazon aliexpress so much better mister byron wu also thank you again after sell service for help in ebike what is the second richbit ebike 48 v 1000 w buy same model and color. this is also very satisfied and other better and why 21 lcd this time came from england in 7 days by china and not like other you can also find amazon. same pattern but it about aliexpress top price 500 euro also thanks to mr. wu byron past that has assisted in for other after sales problems for the other pictures you can see where there is my feedback mine laika husky dog

El Luifer 1 2017-12-03

hello, i have well-read record clamp mount but i have a problem with front wheel. it's scrub with disc brake and tight it is not enough, green. if i plus front wheel, it only tourne plus. forward thanks for your answer. in no installation no problem.

Mauzveri 2017-11-24

déja 2 bicycle fitted, a matching byron félicatations. soft fine and same excellent. emes bicycle 2 3 day free

Ekaterinaefimova1922 2017-12-20

The bike is good. But beware I was charged $70 more than was on my cart. No explanation or adjustment. Very hard to get it sorted out. The battery still hasn’t arrived and they automatically marked my delivery as finished. When I contact them they act all confused. Nice bike but terrible service and deceptive in there conduct. Not my usual experience on ali. Very disappointed

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